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LPS Procedures and Protocols 2020

LPS Protocols and Procedures 2020


Arrival and Breakfast:           



  • Bus riders enter the building on the cafe side; social distanced (first bus enters at cafe doors and second bus enters at the foyer door outside the gym). Students go to their grade level hallway and sit outside the classroom door on a marked spot until 7:30.


  • Teachers are ready to receive students in their classroom. 



  • Car riders will drop off in the front of the building, social distanced (entering at the foyer door, gym door, and front door) Students go directly to their classroom.


  • Breakfast will be available at the top of each hallway. Students will collect a ‘grab and go’ meal and eat in the classroom. Teachers will identify, on a list, which students have eaten breakfast and will turn the list into LaDonna by 8:15 am.

Classroom Procedures:


  • Students will remain in a class ‘cohort’ throughout the day, preventing interaction with any other ‘cohort’ in the building, other than their ‘Buddy Class’’ cohort.
  • Teachers and staff are required to wear a mask and/or a shield in the classroom.
  • Students are encouraged to wear a mask, but not required.
  • Backpacks will be placed in the locker immediately upon arrival and will not be accessible again until the end of the school day. Please do not use a daily folder to travel back and forth from the classroom to home for any reason, EXCEPT on Friday when work may be sent home; not to return to school.
  • Please ensure that each student has their own supply box and ONLY uses supplies from that designated box.
  • Each teacher will teach hand washing and sanitizing procedures in the classroom as part of the grade level curriculum.
  • Students will wash and/or sanitize hands and classroom materials routinely, throughout the day.
  • Each classroom will have poly spots to mark predetermined spaces for students to sit and work around the room (socially distanced). 
  • Desks used will be socially distanced. Tables used will seat no more than 2-3 students (depending on the size of the table) and social distance will be enforced.  
  • Lap desks around the room are also acceptable. 
  • Collaborative work amongst a group of students will be done socially distanced. (No more than 3 students in a group. Use polyspots to identify space. Hands and materials will be sanitized.)

Transition Procedures:

  • Before leaving the classroom or destination, teachers will assess the traffic in the hallway and proceed when his/her class is sufficiently distanced from any other traffic in the hallway. 
  • Students will maintain social distance, in their class line, when traveling down the hallway.
  • Relatively speaking, classes will go down a hallway on the right and up the hallway on the left (staggered when possible).

Restroom Procedures:

  • Classroom restroom breaks will be discussed and scheduled amongst grade level teams to ensure no overlap in transitions. Students will use grade level specific restrooms.
  • Students will stand on the predetermined spots marked on the floor while they wait for their turn. Only 3 students at a time are allowed in the restroom.             
  • Teachers will enforce social distance and reiterate handwashing procedures during the restroom break.
  • Teachers will not send more than one student at a time out of the classroom to use the grade level specified restroom. Assigned staff members will be monitoring the number of students using the restroom at one time, throughout the day. 
  • Students will be taught to wait on the designated spots for their turn to enter the restroom when it’s full. 


  • Teachers will exit the classroom and transition to specials while social distancing with other classes, down the hallway.
  • Students will sanitize their hands upon arriving to the Specials classroom and again when they return to their home classroom.

Student Lunch Procedures:

  • Buddy classes will go to lunch at the same time, traveling single file and socially distanced down the right side of the hallway until they reach the cafeteria.
  • The first class will enter the cafeteria and approach their assigned table from the right. The second class will enter the cafeteria and approach their assigned table from the left. Only 3 students will be seated to a bench.
  • Lunch will be placed on the table for students purchasing a school lunch. Milk will be delivered to the students who have purchased it. (Support staff delivering meals and milk will be wearing gloves and masks.
  • Students will remain seated throughout the lunch period. Support staff will bring trash cans to the tables for clean up. When students exit the lunch table, the custodial staff will clean and sanitize the table.

Recess Procedures:

  • Teachers are required to take 2 recess times each day. One recess time will be scheduled with your ‘buddy class’ on the playground.
  • Students will sanitize their hands before playing on the equipment and will sanitize their hands again when they return to their home classroom.
  • The second recess will take place, one class at a time, on the asphalt play area.

Dismissal Procedures:




3:15 - PK and K bus students transition (socially distanced) to the bus loading area at the front entrance of the building (accompanied by buddy teachers on  bus duty). 


3:25 - 1st grade students transition (socially distanced) to the bus loading area at the front entrance of the building (accompanied by buddy teachers on bus duty).


3:30 - 2nd grade students transition (socially distanced) to the bus loading area at the front entrance of the building (accompanied by buddy teachers on  bus duty).


Parent Pickup:


3:25 - All students will remain in their classrooms (buddy teachers monitoring students) until their name is called to the PPU area.